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Fast and Easy Approval for Digital and e-Commerce Marketers.

GroovePay is The Leading Merchant Account Solution For Online and eCommerce Businesses by offering World Class Value and Service.

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GroovePay can get you approved for a Merchant account for those selling CBD online or offline-dispensaries.


Whether you are selling Edibles like Gummies or Supplements, or oils, creams, and lotions for adults or pets, we got you covered. Smoking and Inhale products as well.


Vape, Flower, and Hemp Products are now allowed with GroovePay.


No prior CBD processing or CBD sales history in most cases. And no monthly minimums needed or monthly volume requirements needed.


Fast Approval - Get Processing From App to MID in 6 Days.

No Reserves

No Holdback

Domestic Bank

Next-Day Deposits


CBD Processing Starting at:



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Why Choose Us

Billions of dollars of e-commerce processing history means important relationships is our business. We are the Jerry Maguire's of the Merchant Processing World. If you need to talk to the founders, call us anytime at 1-844-GROOVE-1

  • Instant Approvals

    Start processing soon. Apply now and get your welcome email in as little as20 minutes. Need to talk to us about your business model first? Contact us with the links above.

  • Real Relationships

    Sleep better knowing you're in good hands. Emergency or urgent Situation? We are just a phone call away nearly anytime of day or night. We go to bat for you. 

  • Easy Integrations

    Works with every platform and gateway like and NMI and more.



  • Competitive Pricing

    Our relations and volume allow us to put more money in your pocket at the end of the day.


Unlike the others, we have no list of fees!

See why smart business owners choose GroovePay!

Other Merchant Providers

  • Application Fee $99

  • Monthly PCI Fee $20

  • Monthly Statement Fee $20

  • Annual Fee $99

  • Minimum Processing Fee


  • Cancellation Fee $495

  • International Sales Rates

    4.9% to 5.9%

  • Debit Card Transactions
    Plus 1% to 2%

  • Gateway Fee $40/mo

  • Long Term Contracts

  • Hidden Statement Fees

  • Slow Deposit Times

  • Slow Approval Process

  • No Relationship

    with the owners.

  • Monthly Cost:
    125.00 + per month

    with all factors. Plus higher rates,
    other international plus costly contracts
    and cancellation fees.


 + $0.30 per transaction


  • No Application Fees

  • No Monthly PCI Fees

  • No Monthly Statement Fees

  • No Annual Fees

  • No Minimum Monthly
    Processing Fees

  • No Cancellation Fees

  • Flat Rate Pricing
    See lower on this page.

  • International - Flat Rate

    — No Higher Rates or Fees

  • Debit Card - Flat Rate

    — No Higher Rates or Fees

  • Per Transaction Fee

    — Flat Rate

    — No Higher Rates or Fees

  • Gateway Fees
    Using our Gateway $40/Mo. and others $49/Mo.
    Gateway Fee Waived for volume

  • Month to Month Contracts

  • Super Fast Deposits

  • Instant Approvals

  • Emergencies?

    Call us anytime.

    Day or night.

    We have your back.


 + $0.25 per transaction
Discounts for volume sellers*
CBD Rates Will differ.

* Think you qualify for high volume? Contact us to discuss your volume. High volume merchants pay no Gateway Fees and also qualify for lower processing rates.



You don't need to be an account to figure out your PayPal, Stripe, or Merchant account billing.

  • Same Rates Always Apply. Are you aware that Stripe, PayPal, and Merchant Processors all charge different rates for USA and NON USA. Making a sale in Mexico? PayPal for instance is 4.40% plus $4.00 USD where we are the same flat rate. $2.85 plus $0.25. Don't be fooled by the low BANNER price and pay more in the fine print.

  • Same Per Transaction Fees. You will also pay us only $0.25 per transaction. With PayPal and others it can be as high as $10 per transaction plus the processing fee. See here.

  • The Volume Pricing Myth. Don't get fooled by old articles online. PayPal no longer offers Volume pricing. With GroovePay, we have lower rates and no GateWay fees for people doing volume. Contact us to see if you qualify.



Stripe and PayPal may be easy to set up. But not any easier than GroovePay and GroovePay costs less. Period! While Stripe and PayPal may be all the rage, do a Google Search for "Stripe Shut Me Down" or "PayPal Shut Me Down." You see? You must have a backup plan. Get GroovePay today! Read below to get the real facts and see why real sellers use GroovePay!






Transaction fees for

+ 30¢

+ 30¢

+ 25¢

Charge cards from your website

$30/mo. [2]



Cross Border Sales

4.40% [3]

      Free [4 .]      


Recurring Billing

$10 / month



Advanced Fraud Protection

$10 / month [6]



  1. United States transaction fees. Stripe and Paypal transaction fees vary by country. GroovePay DOES NOT

  2. PayPal Payments Pro allows you to provide a fully customized checkout experience on your site and includes Virtual Terminal.

  3. PayPal cross border fees.

  4. International cards are free, but currency conversion costs 2%. Example: You connect a GBP bank account to Stripe, but charge in USD. Stripe will automatically convert your funds to GBP (for a 2% fee) and deposit them into your GBP bank account. If you instead charged in GBP (or connected a USD bank to Stripe), it would be free.

  5. $10 monthly + $0.05 per transaction. Excludes Express Checkout transactions.

  • Stripe

    Stripe is an alternative, not a supplement to a Merchant Account.




  • The Stripe Risk

    Stripe is quick to approve because they only ask questions after they see your first few sales. If they don't like what they see you get shut down and then you can never get another Stripe account again. This could take your business offline for weeks at the worst possible times. Worse yet, when you later apply for a Merchant account, you are asked if you have ever been shut down before. That's one Red-Flag question you never want to reply with "Yes. Stripe shut me down." Contact us today and let us take the worry out of your processing. GroovePay sellers sleep well at night... Shouldn't you?

  • Save Time and Money

    GroovePay approval is as fast as Stripe, cost less, is super easy to use and that means it will put more money in your pocket.

  • PayPal

    PayPal is a great supplement to a merchant account. While you can use just PayPal, you will lose sales because not everyone has a PayPal account or likes to checkout at PayPal.


  • Don't Risk Losing PayPal

    You don't want to run your volume for all your stores and sites with PayPal. If you make the smallest mistake it could be game over. Once you lose a PayPal account you can never get it back, Then you can't receive or send payments or get affiliate payouts. Get GroovePay today and have a Backup plan.








  • PayPal + GroovePay

    Tests have proven its always best to offer Credit Card Checkout (like GroovePay,) along with PayPal for the best conversions.



GroovePay Can Help!

For Non US businesses we can also help if you are in Canada and even if you are a startup. We can also help you if you're in the UK, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Sell to anyone with a credit card all over the world.

Whether you are selling to someone in Italy or Down-Unda, Sydney, Australia– it's no fuss with us. Again, as long as your buyer is not on the USA's naughty list of bad countries, GroovePay is for you.




  • TALK TO US — 1-844-GROOVE-1

    Let's talk and we can show you why we are the best option for you. With experience in over Half a billion dollars in annual processing and over $100 Million in sales personally from our founders, no one has more experience in processing for digital and physical products than our team


  • STEP

    Easy Online Application. 


    Fast Approvals to get you processing sooner. 


  • STEP


    Sales can be run as soon as you activate your account. 


Historically - we've partnered with and processed the payments for the Who's Who of the Internet Marketing and E-commerce communities.

Digital Marketers

Influencers, Educators, Passion Project Experts, Launch Gurus


Physical Products, Print-On-Demand, Drop Shippers, CBD

Health and Wellness

Fitness, Diet, Health Marketing Educators, CBD


Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Consultants

Live Events

Large Multi-Speaker Sales Events, Workshops

Software Services

SAAS, Online Software, Apps, Desktop Software

Small Business

Brick And Mortar, Salons, Storefronts, Food Services, CBD

Professional Services

B2B, Agencies, Accounting, Advertising, Legal

Finally, a payment solution to replace Stripe and PayPal. 

For new and experienced online merchants! We can even help you apply for American Express in the same application.

Meet the Founders

Leveraging our knowledge of process, platforms and relationships for you. 


Matt is Co-Founder of GrooveDigital and has more than 10 years of senior and executive-level management experience in executive operations, sales, P&L, and the field of e-commerce. Former COO of Prestashop as well as former consultant for Office Depot. Matt Brings years of e-commerce marketing and development experience to GroovePay.


Mike is Co-Founder of GrooveDigital and was the co-founder of companies such as Kartra, WebinarJam , EverWebinar, and Marketers Cruise. Mike has launched and sold many multi-million dollar brands and the companies he has founded have done more than or sold for a combined $100 Million in Revenue and sales. Mike's relationships with leaders in the industry allows GroovePay to have the most intimate understanding of what a digital and e-commerce marketer needs.


John is Co-Founder of GrooveDigital and is a serial entrepreneur who has a deep understanding of e-commerce as an online merchant. His eCommerce stores do 6-figures per month in volume. John knows what e-commerce marketers need when it comes to processing and that allows GroovePay to be a leader in merchant processing for e-commerce sellers.

Easy Integration with GrooveKart and other

e-commerce platforms!

We will work on your behalf to make sure your online payment processing is smooth and reliable. 

  • Groovekart Solution.

    Groovekart provides an online ecommerce platform to easily sell products online. 

  • Get Approved Fast.

    Fast and easy approvals to take online payments quickly. 

  • Gateway Access. 

    Bring your own gateway or get a merchant account and gateway with our partners. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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